Bills, invoices and renewal reminders are commonly sent by the publisher and attached in a magazine issue that was mailed to the subscriber. We do not sent them. If you have paid a renewal by mailing it back, it means that your payment will be received by the publisher or another mailer who sent the notice to you. We offer online renewal services that are easier and more organized.

We, however can help you contact the publisher directly through our partner website. Please follow these steps:

1) Go to Magazine Subscriber Services website

2) Look for the magazine title that you have sent a payment to by typing it on the "Search for a magazine.." field at the top.

3) Call their customer service using the number provided or follow the 'Address Change/Cancel' link next to the magazine for publisher online form.

PLEASE NOTE: We are a subscription agency and fulfill orders and process subscriptions on behalf of our clients to various publishers. Invoices/statements come from the publisher directly so if you already paid for the renewal, then your renewal will continue directly from them and not from us. If your payment was not sent to them, they might have information on where the subscription originated from.

Please do not hesitate to contact us here if your order was made through us. We will be glad to help!