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How To Find The Perfect Magazine Subscription Gift

Do you want to help avoid the post-holiday blues? You know that feeling you get once all the presents have been opened and the mess has been cleaned up. That feeling of thinking it’s all over for another year? Magazine subscriptions are the perfect holiday gift. Instead of just one present, your loved one will get to open something new all year round. The holiday cheer and the rush of getting something and giving something new doesn’t have to stop. What is the best way to pick out the perfect magazine subscription? Here are three tips to help you spread holiday happiness for twelve months at a time.

What Does Your Loved One Constantly Talk About?

Shopping for those closest to us is often harder than shopping for acquaintances or even strangers. But, when looking for magazine subscriptions, that closeness is your secret weapon. What is the one thing your loved one is always talking about? If every day you have to hear about their fantasy football team or your dinner is constantly interrupted with texts from your loved one’s quilting club, you have an inside track on what magazine to get them.

There are so many choices for every hobby. If you find you can’t choose between two, you could always buy both and let your loved one decide. Subscriptions are more affordable than ever with additional savings during the holiday season.

What Does Your Loved One Do For Work?

No matter if he or she is a lawyer, a pastry chef, or an entrepreneur, there is a magazine just for them. Occupational magazines are great gifts because they help foster community and understanding. Often we all feel only our colleagues really understand our struggles. Magazines like these give support and guidance that can be accessed anytime, even without a cell signal!

What Are Your Loved One’s Goals and Dreams?

We all have things we are working on or want to do. This is another clue. If someone you know is always worried about finances there are many different budgeting and financial magazines to choose from. Does someone you know want to sell everything and sail around the world? There are magazines about sailing, retirement, vacation destinations, and magazines like National Geographic or The Smithsonian, that are about everything interesting in the world.

Choosing the perfect magazine subscription is really just a matter of remembering what your loved one talks about. There are so many different magazines that there is one for everyone. Picking out a magazine is a lot more fun than trying to figure out someone’s sweater size, and magazines are useful no matter what the weather. 

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